A Rich History

Arnold Palmer, winner of the 1961 and 1963
Phoenix Open at the Arizona Country Club
The Arizona Country Club’s rich history dates back to 1909 originally known as The Ingleside Golf Resort.  Interestinlgy, the golf course was constructed of oiled sand greens and a variation of six golf holes. It quickly earned the distinction of being the first winter resort ever built in Phoenix. The original location was north of Indian School Road and the Arizona Canal. Then in the late 1920’s Ralph Murphy relocated the Valley’s first resort across the canal and built a new 18 hole golf course using common Bermuda grass.

In 1946, the golf course was redesigned and reshaped to reflect a new era of golf and the Arizona Country Club was incorporated. It soon became the premier private club in the Valley and played host to the Phoenix Open from 1955 to 1973. Great names like Palmer, Nicklaus, and Player have walked the Club’s fairways and enjoyed the treasures of this great golf course.

As generations come and go, The Arizona Country Club has remained a staple in the Phoenix community. Now in its 70th year, Arizona Country Club is still going strong. Sons of sons of the Club's founders and original members are now a part of this Club’s story and they will continue in its rich history and family traditions.  See timeline of AZCC below photos.



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Senator Paul Fannin & wife Elma, 1960s

"Let's go for a ride" Ingleside Inn, 1930s Fore! Young Lady at Ingleside Club, 1912  
Ingleside Club, back view, 1915 Ingleside Club, front view, 1911 Barry Goldwater & Paul Fannin, June 9, 1975
Fannin & Goldwater, Phoenix Open, 1961 Arizona Country Club newsletter, 1963  The Outpost Lodge and Inn, 1960s
Ingleside Club, oiled sand greens, 1915 Ingleside Inn golf course, 1937 Arizona Canal, 1910s
Workers Repairing Arizona Canal, 1906 Arizona Canal, 1920s  Scottsdale School District Bus, 1930s
Camelback Mtn, Old Crosscut Canal, 1888 Arizona Falls, 1900 Scottsdale-Ingleside-Desert Inn-Phoenix Stage
Camelback Mountain views, 1920s Halloween at the Ingleside, circa 1923 Ingleside Inn Guests on horseback, 1920s



1885 - Arizona Canal is completed by W.J. and Laura Murphy.  Laura Murphy remained in Phoenix while her husband traveled seeking financial backing for the Arizona Canal Company.  Mrs. Murphy, known as the "mother of the canal" supervised the construction of the Canal and cooked for the men while living at the campsite with her six children.

1889 - First citrus groves in Arizona are planted by W.J. Murphy on the Ingleside tract.

1910 - Ingleside Club opens for business.  The golf course located north and south of the Arizona Canal, is touted for its oil sand greens.

Late 1920s - A new Ingleside golf course, located on the southwest section of the Ingleside tract, site of The Arizona Country Club, is built by W.J. and Laura's eldest son, Ralph Murphy.  If features Bermuda grass fairways and bent grass greens.

Early 1940s - The Ingleside Inn closes and later becomes the Brownmoor School for Girls.  The golf course, now owned by developers, is in disrepair and mostly desert.

1946 - Ernest "Ernie" Suggs, a local businessman interested in organizing a golf Club, learns that the Ingleside golf property can be purchased.  Suggs puts up the initial earnest deposit and has 90 days to pay the balance of $25,000.  His friend Colonel T.W. Essig holds a meeting at his home with a small group of friends in an effort to recruit golfers and money.  Late on the afternoon of the 90th day in June 1956, Suggs pays the $800 balance to the Arizona Title Office to complete the purchase.

Late 1946 - During the summer, the new owners of the property begin the redesign and reshaping of the golf course.  In December of 1946, the first nine holes are ready for members to play. 

1955 to 1973 - Arizona Country Club hosts the Phoenix Open, which is now the best-attended event on the PGA TOUR.